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Coselli Map
General Information
Constructed 5412 BKR
Location Information
Planet Ma'Paler Flag Ma'Paler
Continent Chizi
State {{{State}}}
Climate Temperate
Points of Interest
Societal Information
Population 4 Billion

Cosseli [koʊselli] is the capital city of Ma'Paler and the Synda System and the largest metropolitan area of the system. The city is located on the western bank of the Aebrey Ocean and was the first major settlement in the system. Founded in 5412 BKR, the city has constantly grown to fit its population of over four billion people. Wyndryll InterStellar Spaceport,which is located just beyond the City's original limits, is the largest spaceport of the Quadrant in terms of both regional and InterStellar passenger traffic.



The City of Cosseli was originally a series of farm plots owned by several people. In the very early fifty-fifth century BKR, these farm owners gathered together to form the Cosseli Farmer's Coalition, named after the largest farm owned by the since faded Cosseli family. As the century passed, more and more farms and land owners entered the Coalition. As these farms grew, the people that were employed required more homes. This lead to the creation of the Rindeli area of Cosseli. As time continued to pass, people other than farmers began to purchase land in the area. In 5412 the Cosseli Charter created the official City of Cosseli, which included both areas.

Expansion Period[]

During the following three hundred years, the city experienced a great expansion with the addition of the government district and the port district.


The Cosseli Spaceport was the first major spaceport on the planet. It was added in the later half of the fiftieth century. The spaceport was originally very small and only allowed transport to the outer reaches of the sector.

Confederation Rule[]

The leaders of the Confederation of the Cosmos, which came to power in the later years of the twenty-first century, came to Ma'Paler in 1999 to search for a new capital after their capital planet of Alandara was eradicated in a war. They found the beauty of the planet and the presence of a flourishing city to be just what they needed. The Confederation pumped large amounts of money into the city expanding it exponentially. They were the ones who built many of the current districts.

Kashouion Rebellion[]

The planet was left largely intact and untouched during the war. The Confederation kept the planet well protected during this period. The Confederation was one of several smaller governments to come together to sign the Galactic Compact


Local Government[]

CMA Flag

The flag of the CMA and Cosseli.

The local government of Cosseli, which deals with the daily operations of the city, is located in the Central Government District. The Cosseli Metropolitan Authority (CMA) coordinates the administration of the entire of Metropolitan Area, as well as local administration of the actual City of Cosseli. The CMA is made of two components, both of which are elected, the Governor of Cosseli who creates the proposed budget and has executive powers, and the Cosseli Council, which has the power to counter any of the Governor's decsions. The Council also includes the Board of Development, which approves all designs for the buildings and transport of the city.

Planetary Government[]

The planetary government is also centralized around the Cosseli Metro Area. The government is centered around the Parliament Chamber in the Outer Government District. The Parliament is lead by the Prime Minister, who is elected by a popular election across all six billion citizens.

System Govenment[]

The Synda System Government is located in the southern half of the Cosseli Metro Area. This portion of the government is centered in the Senatorial Chamber, which is where all six Independent Coalition of Systems Senators for the system meet before all Senate Sessions. The Senators are also the heads of the Regional Senators, which places measures on the interplantary relations of Ma'Paler and her moons.


Physical Location[]

The Metropolitan Area streches the entire Western Seaboard of the Aebrey Ocean up to the connecting isthmus and down to the Fidevi River. The width of the Metro Area extends back to the Eisli Valley.


Central Government District[]

The CGD is the center of all local government. The CGD is adjacent to the City of Cosseli, up to the coast of the Ocean, and is bisected by the Limiti River. The CGD is the hub of all CMA action and contains the Cosseli City Hall.

City of Cosseli[]

This is the original city and is still a major part of the larger Metropolitan Area. The City is the center of the MA and functions as the Business Center of the MA. All of the tallest buildings in the city are located here.

City of Rindeli[]

The City of Rindeli is a city that was originally built alongside the City of Cosseli. Rindeli has since become an area of all apartments, which house one billion of the inhabitents.

Outer Government District[]

The OGD is the hub of both planetary and system government. The Parliament Rotunda and the Senatorial Chamber are located in this area. Dispite the name, the OGD does not surround the CGD. It is actually half a kilometer behind the CGD, on an island where the Limiti River splits.

The Port[]

The Port is, as the name suggests, the port for all commerce between the two continents. The Port was constructed alongside both of the original cities. Originally it was the major source of goods to the planet. It still has a large amount of maritime traffic, despite the majority now coming from space imports.

Residential District[]

This is the largest district of the city and surrounds all the other districts. This is where approximately three of the four billion inhabitants of the city live. There are few apartments and many rapidly produced homes.

Shopping District[]

This is a rare district among most modern cities of the Core. This district is a series of pedestrian-only streets that are lined with vendor stalls, large stores, and hundreds upon hundreds of restaurants. This is one of the largest tourist attractions of not only the planet, but the sector.

Spaceport District[]

The Spaceport District is the relatively large area surrounding the Wyndryll InterStellar Spaceport. It includes all of the resorts, hotels, parking areas, and ship storage.

Tourist District[]

The Tourist District is a carefully planned and easily accessed area that contains numerous tourist attractions including the museums and lush parks and gardens.


The climate of the city varies greatly due to its large size. Along the coast, the city is slightly more humid than inland and there is a heavy breeze that cools the air. Along the banks of the Limiti River, the air is much cooler and far less hazy. In the area between these easily decernable areas, the air is usually moderately humid and very temperate.


Tourism is the largest industry in Cosseli and employes roughly 21% of the population. Tourism brings in about 400 trillion ALs to the economy. The city attracts 340 million visits from within the system, and well over 7 billion InterStellar visitors. According to Centria Travel Magazine, Cosseli was the top tourist destination in the Core Worlds for 2751. Last Year the ten most-visited attractions in Cosseli were:

  1. Crystal Fountains
  2. Cosseli Palace
  3. Shopping District
  4. Ambrias Gardens
  5. Bertuli Art Museum
  6. Cosseli Natural History Museum
  7. Military Museum
  8. Parliament Rotunda
  9. City Hall
  10. Ma'Paler Beach



Cosseli is a major InterStellar space transport hub with many launches heading to the 1st Quadrant. The major spaceport serving the city is Wyndryll InterStellar Spaceport. There are also several short distance spaceports that are located in Cosseli, but very few handle launches from out of the system. Wyndryll is the hub for many spacelines, the most notable being the planet's flag carrier, Ma'Palan Space. Wyndryll has ten runways and twelve terminals.


There are numerous skybuses that move from thousands of stations around the city. They have seen less traffic since the introduction of the SkyTrams, however, there are more than double the number of routes, which allows for a more direct route to one's destination.

Sky Tram[]

Cosseli SkyTram

The Cosseli SkyTram Logo

The SkyTram system was a new system first installed in the shopping district. Now it covers the entire city. The system is made of more than one hundred lines that crisscross the city providing rapid transport around the city. Passengers arrive at one of the more than one thousand stations scattered around the city. These stations are separated into lines, which designate the path of travel for each specific Tram. Should a passenger's journey require passage over multiple lines, the passager must disembark at a station where two lines interchange. When a passenger needs to change lines, there is no additional charge to continue one's journey, often times there is no need to leave the station to change lines.


Tertiary Education[]

There are several universities with campuses in Cosseli. There are currently 46 university campuses in Cosseli. In 2751 there were 642,245 students utilizing the universities of Cosseli. The largest of these universities in the University of Cosseli, which has seventeen campuses throughout the city. The main UC campus is in the Shopping district and is called the Londri College. Other universities include: Galactic University, Ma'Paler Technical Institute, University of Chizi, Cosseli University, Medical Institute of Cosseli, Cosseli Law Institute, University of Tatah Tetel, Crelina Arts University and Cosseli Academy of Music.

Primary and Secondary Education[]

Most primary and secondary schools in Cosseli are public and run by the Metropolitan Authority's Ministry of Education. There are still several private and prestigious schools most of which are located in and around the City of Cosseli. The most prominent of these private schools is the City of Cosseli School.

Additional Sources of Education[]

The Coalition maintains a Naval academy in the city near the Coalition offices.

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