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Crelina flag Crelina
Galactic Coordinates (1,3,-20,10,3)
Region Core
System Yuci System
Sun(s) Yucia
Planet Type Terrestrial
Atmosphere 70% Nitrogen 20% Oxygen 10% Other
Terrain Tundra, Desert, Forest, Ocean
Native Species Iorou


Immigrated Species Aedatani
Primary Language Galactic
Population 834,652,000,000
Major Cities Castenona
Affiliation ICS Flag Independent Coalition of Systems

Crelina is the third planet in the Yuci System. Crelina has eight moons that orbit it Assolni, Ausea, Biranna, Cissan, Eome, Eonu, Iaglori, Ianandara. Crelina is the home planet of Independent Coalition of Systems President Adrianna Owen. Crelina is a planet covered 78% in water. There are ten continents on the planet, only four of which are inhabited. The land remaining is covered by various ecosystems from polar to jungle. Mountains also dot the surface. The Crelinic species is the only sentient species on Crelina.


Crelina gained galactic recognition in 498,321 BKR by a group of scientists from the planet Silei. However, the planet was first known to have life hundreds of years before this, as the Yuciian population had first noticed it. At this time the Iorou species had greatly developed the planet surface. In the year 548,300 BKR the first Crelinic spacecraft was created and orbited the planet for a period of 20 local days. Year 548,000 BKR the nation of Airanna sent a small three man crew on the moon, Eome. By the year 545,000 BKR the Crelinics had sent a probe to every one of their moons. Strangely, none of this activity attracted the attention of the nearby planet of Yuci, which has had galactic recognition since 5,151,640 BKR. However, the Yuciian population learned of Crelina's inhabitation in 502,800 BKR when a Crelinic satellite crashed down on Yuci. The current Crelinic nations are very competitive, yet only a few have engaged in any form of war. However,

Crelina flag

The Flag of the Crelina Federation

in 3570 BKR a war broke out that engulfed the entire continent of Alia and most of the continents of Lyastelle and Jici. This war killed a huge amount of the population at one time. The war made many of the people avert war and try and maintain peace. The most recent government of the planet is the Crelina Federation.


The planet is extremely diverse when it comes to the environment. There are forests, mountains, oceans, tundras, plains, deserts, and jungles. The tundras are located near the poles, and the jungles near the equator. Most of the species live in the mostly unexplored oceans. The planet is also home to the semi-sentient species called the Anossa. The Anossa are massive creatures that use their claws to catch and kill their prey. The Anossa only live in the jungle-covered area around the equator, and this caused most of the Crelinic cities to be away from the jungle. The planet has a species of primal creatures, the Eovo, which are tiny, parasitic, creatures that can carry disease to the other creatures on the planet.


The Crelinic economy is based largely on the manufacturing of finished products, made in many of the factories. These products are made mostly from materials obtained from the planet itself. Other business is conducted through the numerous companies that have local offices and locations on Crelina. Tourism is also a massive economic boost, and because of the various ecosystems of the planet, the tourism industry thrives throughout the year unlike many other planets.


The majority of inhabited land exists approximately twenty degrees north and south of the equator of the planet. For the most part, most cities and civilized life takes place in the north eastern area of the planet, followed by the northwest, and the southern hemisphere being settled only recently.


The planet's inhabited areas are broken into regions administered by the Federation.

Region Capital Governor
Anietius Flag Anietius Firz Jordan Hiena
Atlieteos Flag Atlieteos Castenona Leahi Minar
Agria Flag Agria Franca Rachel Riz
Etrur Flag Etrur Epan Hayden Stricar
Pararias Flag Pararias Jermian Nicolas Anders
Tunia Flag Tunia Grecroa Ian Suremi
Utiatias Flag Utiatias Londin Susanne Donal

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