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Galactic Coordinates (1,1,246,203,04)
Region Core Worlds
System Edradali System
Sun(s) Eden
Moon(s) 2
Planet Type Terrestrial
Atmosphere Oxygen 24%

Nitrogen 75% Other 1%

Terrain Ice, Urban, Plains
Native Species Humaic
Immigrated Species None
Primary Language Galactic
Population 584,015,685,000
Major Cities Eden City


Affiliation Independent Coalition of Systems
This article is about the planet Eden. You may be looking for other items in the galaxy named Eden.

The planet Eden is the capital of the Edradali System. The planet is home of stunning beauty. Eden is the home of the Humaics, which are a very similar to Iorous. The captial city, also named Eden, is a massive megalopolis that floats over the ocean. Eden has often attained status as the capital planet of the Galaxy.


Eden is mostly covered by grasslands and large plateaus. The portions of land not covered by grassland is covered in large drifts of crystal dust, most of it left behind in the War of Crystyum, which occured around 438 AKR. The crystal drifts look very similar to snow. During the late summer and early fall, the strong winds pick up a lot of the crystal dust and send it across to the cities, which cause some crystal flurries that add to the beauty of the planet. Most of the cities were built over or near to the four oceans to protect much of the beauty of the land. There are several large cities, and the largest of which is Eden.


The grasslands of Eden are full of giant plants. The most notable of these are the Taraxa. Taraxa have long translucent green stems with a large pink seed ball resting on top. The seeds are connected to long pale pink feathers, which carries the seeds. The Taraxa release the seeds toward the end of the summer and the skies of Eden are filled by pink puffs.


League Flag

The flag of the League of Eden

The planet has two main continents that are for the most part off limits to citizens because of dangerous and exotic wildlife. There are numerous other islands scattered between the two continents.

The planet's inhabited areas are broken into provinces administered by the League of Eden.

Region Capital Provincial President
Eden City Flag Eden City Eden City Sylvie Wolfe
Eda Flag Eda Eda Treen Hali
Hewatani Flag Hewatani Hewa Meredith Iena
Bethsheba Flag Bethsheba Alepha Christopher Mallu
Jaianna Flag Jaianna Beto Zech Jir
Amarah Flag Amarah Garm Ian Oles
Tali Flag Tali Lamta Morgan Mithra

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