The Ellion Arm is the ninth arm of the Basilicus Prime Galaxy. This arm is home to several intelligent species, such as the Exonian Empire, and includes the Eltosan race, before and after the events that transpired in 2225 that sent the Sauroran colony ship in search of a new home. Other races include the Ven, an

A close up of the Ellion arm in the Basilicus galaxy

insectoid race bioengineered by Eltosan scientists in 2225 and 2226. The Raflix, a sentient fish like species living in the ice coated oceans of Europa. The Horde beasts of Titan, monsterous creatures nine to ten feet tall and armed with various blades.

Appearance in the Night SkyEdit

From most planets inside the Ellion Arm, the scenery of the Ellion Arm is quite amazing. From Eltos, this arm can be seen to stretch across the galaxy, offering a brighter view of the galactic plane.

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