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Ghürg System

Location Edit

Universe-->Basilicus Prime Cluster-->Basilicus Prime Galaxy-->Ionro Arm-->Arrq Sector-->Ghürg System

Statistics Edit

  • Star Name: Ghürg
  • Class: K
  • Average Temperature: 8860 kin
  • Mass: 3.7 X 10^32 metrels
  • Radius: 537 centipars
  • Age: 7.3 billion GY
  • Formation: 15,345 GST

I'm not the best in measures so if anything is fundamentally wrong, please, tell me.



The Ghürg system is composed by one red giant star and three planets. Lkufast is actually a satellite of Uljghersn, but since their masses are almost the same, instead of one orbiting the other, they orbit in a concentric circle in a rather chaotic fashion (some doomsayers are fearful they may collide). One planet known to have evolved life is Uljghersn. Recently the Skäetr started a massive expansion founding colonies in Konghund and Lkufast. The Skäetr have tried to begin colonization of Foz Foris, the third planet in the Ghürg system, but have found that the atmospheric gases of this world are harmful to them.

Important eventsEdit

  • 7.2 billion galactic years ago a giant meteorite hit the planet of Uljghersn, basically tearing the world in two. Since it was a big ball of magma at the time, a natural satelite, almost the size of the planet was created out of the chaos. Various Kjark mythos recount this event as when Uljghersen (Great Father, in their language) gave birth, creating the universe.

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