Haagu Nebula
Common Attribution Haagu Nebula
Scientific Name HA
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Galactic Arms None
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Sentient Species 500
Primal Species 500 billion


The Haagu Nebula is not a true nebula in the astronomical sense, but an irregular galaxy in orbit around the Basilicus Prime galaxy.

Civilized History

The Haagu Nebula was one of the first galaxies in the Basilicus Prime Cluster, being formed around 55 billion years ago.


No civilizations have been proven to exist, but it is likely that one or more spans much of the habitable planets of the galaxy.

Anomalies and Special Qualities

Though the galaxy is very old (one of the first in the Basilicus Prime Cluster), it has many young stars, such as H-23.


For the Waterbe, it was discovered in 20,779 GY by Waterbien astronomer Haagu Grunga. It was first documented in his scientific journal Nurmus non Ratum (Not solid, not in home system). It was the Waterbe's first serious description of theories about other clusters beyond the Basilicus Prime Galaxy.

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