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The Hollowstar System is a completely artificial star system, created by a group of Kelosians with indirect (but intentional) help from the Antheon Negatron. The main star of the system was destroyed in 21,845 GST, and what remains of the system is now considered an attractive destination for scientific explorers and treasure seekers.

Statistics Edit

[[Image:{{{star system map}}}|300px]]
Star Name Pixie Star
Scientific Name BP1:Hollowstar
Class Artificial energy source
Avg Temperature 270 STE
Luminosity 4.5701E+28 SMU/GY
Mass 3E+25 tetrels
Radius 10 pars
Age 1,500 GY
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Government Monarchy
Governor {{{system governor}}}
Alliances Hollowstar
Largest Civilization Miran
Capital Red World Plateau
Weights and Measures Reduced Hollowstar Coordinates
Language Kelosian
Society Class Type B: Interstellar Society
Population 200 million
Motto Potential is not finite
Currency Barter
Imports Technology, Labor
Exports Mineral, Technology

Worlds Edit

Overview Edit

Government Edit

Economy Edit

History Edit

In 19,560 GST, a Kelosian whose name has long been lost in time (but who is now called the Ancestor by the people of Hollowstar) invented a space ship and immediately set off into space with his family, leaving the rest of the world to reinvent it millennia later. This action drew the attention of the powerful Negatron, who didn't want a spaceship full of corpses crashing into his home. Not willing to have a direct hand in anything, Negatron chose to provide the Ancestor with the tools to save himself, rather than doing anything to the spaceship directly. In the process, Negatron answered the Ancestor's question about why the Ancestor needed saving and why Negatron cared. Astonished at the great distances involved, the Ancestor eagerly accepted Negatron's Gift and went to work transforming his ship into a flying city.

Over dozens of generations the ship flew through space until the "lesser ancestors" invented Matter Unbinding. After modifying most of the ship into an Unbinder Generator, they set to work draining off space debris and using it to expand their ship. Eventually, the generator grew to a size that could absorb stars, and the lesser ancestors built a planet of their own.

The Golden Age Edit

Needing a leader for the first time in centuries, the lesser ancestors held a council and arbitrarily decided to elect the oldest person who could benchpress 100 septs while explaining the original design of the spaceship. The winner of this contest was Lessos Galvin, age 38.

King Lessos distributed the people across the planet and set to work draining off nearby stars and building a huge solar system around his planet, along with a combination force field - light source that caused the new homeworld to function as a star to the rest of the system, earning it the name "Hollowstar". He also created the first of the "magical science" of Hollowstar, an implant that allowed him and his son Algen to protect themselves with shields that controlled temperature. Added to the planetary force field, this technology also regulated the environment to such an extent that the average lifespan quadrupled, from 40 years to 160. During his reign he established and made effective use of the Hollowstar Principle.

King Lessos died in his sleep at the ripe old age of 109, after appointing his son as king in his place. However, his nephew Melchas also laid claim to the crown, on the grounds that that he was now the oldest person in the world who could benchpress 100 septs while explaining how the now-nonexistent spaceship worked. The two cousins ended up dividing Hollowstar in two, right down the middle, with Algen taking one half, Melchas taking the other and a large group of peaceful folk with no loyalties occupying the middle and blurring the boundary. Shortly after, another upstart appeared, claiming the crown merely on the grounds that he wanted it and occupying one of the unused planets (more of a moon) with a barbaric army. He continued to rule that planet undisputed until the destruction of Hollowstar proper.

Lessos' inventions and Algen's own experience in the laboratory gave Algen the upper hand, and he dwarfed the other two kings in power and technology for his entire reign. To those on his half of Hollowstar, he was the only real king, and the ongoing war did little to prevent him from constantly inventing new things. Algen never made any great effort to depose the other two kings, preferring to create his own new territory. Nonetheless, the other kings' repeated invasions were not entirely without effect; a number of King Lessos' inventions were lost during this time period, including the designs for the thermal shields that protected Lessos and Algen.

After all three kings had settled in, the populace took to calling Negatron the Fourth King, since while he didn't actually do anything he was still a very significant person. Negatron played along to some extent, by choosing an empty region of space to call his "palace" and appearing to anyone who entered that region, but he never deviated far from his policy of non-involvement.

After 139 golden years of creating strange monsters and mighty warriors, Hollowstar ended suddenly when King Algen was killed by one of his monsters. Melchas' son (who had become king of the dark side of Hollowstar after Melchas became senile) rushed in and captured the throne, declaring himself the new Gold King (though he soon went back to calling himself the Black King, after his father).

The Dark Ages Edit

Once he was firmly in control of both sides of Hollowstar, the Black King invaded Miran, crushing the laughably low-tech Third King and cementing control of the system. From there, he embarked on a war of conquest, conquering as many planets as possible in a disorganized manner. This continued until he was successfully assassinated by a small group of heroes seeking to liberate various worlds that he had conquered. The fight ended in the master control room at the top of the Gold Palace. After the battle, the heroes programmed the force field to destroy Hollowstar Proper, believing it to be irredeemably evil. Shortly after they left the planet, Hollowstar Proper collapsed into a black hole, and was presumably washed away in the blast from Pixie Star.

The Rebuilding Edit

During the War of Time's End, the Pixie Star functioned beyond its original purpose, gathering energy and herding the other planets of the Hollowstar System within its programmed orbit. After the war, colonists from the Malegus System returned to the Hollowstar System and harnessed the power of the Pixie Star to warm the other planets. The Pixie Star has continued to function as a containment device ever since.

Society Edit

Before the Golden Age Edit

Society in the space-ship years was hierarchical, based on lineage from the Ancestor. In the semi-communal society, everyone had their tasks to keep the ship working, but those with higher lineage got the more desirable tasks and had more say in how the ship interacted with its surroundings. In the dark, cramped quarters, lifespans were short, and the most common light source was a small cylinder with a heavily restricted magnesium flare set in the center. This cylinder projected light from both ends, providing enough light for the holder to perform a delicate task and everyone nearby to do something simple.

During the reign of Lessos Galvin, the hierarchy changed. King Lessos gradually abolished the old rule by lineage and set up a new system where the king was in charge and everyone else was equals - a benevolent dictatorship. His advances in automatic systems abolished most forms of work, and by the beginning of the Golden Age the people of Hollowstar were left with nothing to do.

Golden Age Society Edit

During the Golden Age, the powerful planetary systems of Hollowstar Proper supplied all of the needs of the populace. Citizens of Hollowstar living on other planets in the system or traveling abroad imported supplies at abysmal prices, but the Gold King wasn't so quick to sell to outsiders, preferring to lead every visitor through a series of treasure hunts and battles before letting him purchase just a few things. Although the technology of Hollowstar was valuable, this difficult process led most outsiders to purchase from limited civilian traders rather than the government.

Civilian life on Hollowstar was dominated by the Deathless Arena, where Hollowstar civilians fought and killed each other repeatedly only to be resurrected. Status gained through winning battles carried a multitude of perks, and many civilians devoted their lives to advancing in the arena. Some civilians even took on the outsider quest, seeking certain powerful weapons that could only be purchased in that store. Throughout the Golden Age, life on Hollowstar was a huge game.

Modern Society Edit

During the War of Time's End, the people of Hollowstar discovered the concept of minding their own business. The strong, variable hierarchy of previous ages fragmented, mingling with the casual balance of power on Peresedas. The powerful Antheon-supported culture supplanted the Seyaran, bringing Peresedas under a limited monarchy that granted freedoms to every individual. The deathless arenas survived the change, but they lost their position in society, becoming a recreational outlet for the warlike.

The colonists returning to the Hollowstar System brought these ideals with them, but they also brought the spirit of a colonist. The Hollowstar System is now dominated by a scattered community of explorers and researchers, each seeking to bring ancient Hollowstar back from the dead. This community obeys orders from Peresedas begrudgingly, but so far the orders have not been unreasonable enough to provoke any sort of rebellion.

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