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Independent Coalition of Systems
ICS Flag
Political Information
Type of Government Parlimentary Democracy
Founding Document Galactic Compact
Head of State President
Executive Branch Office of the President
Legislative Branch Independent Coalition of Systems Senate
Judicial Branch Supreme Court of the Independent Coalition of Systems
Societal Information
Capital Silei Flag.png Silei
Language Galactic
Currency AL symbol Avopei-Larru Galactics
Establishment 0
Dissolutionment {{{Dissolutionment}}}

The Independent Coalition of Systems is the democratic component of the governmental system within the Avopei-Larru Galaxy. The Independent Coalition of Systems was created after the signing of the Galactic Compact and controls the inner core of the galaxy. There are currently 2462 systems aligned with the Independent Coalition of Systems, some more prominent than others. The Coalition Senate meets on the planet Silei which is nearest to the Ifefega Core.


Common NameEdit

The Coalition


To create a democratic and free galaxy, not subject to any tyranny. To protect all members, big or small, at all costs.

Military PrincipleEdit

The ICS Military is based more on Navy than Army. Many of the planets in the ICS have orbital or planetside shipyards, the ICS also has two of the largest galactic ship building companies with in it, Danouarri Orbital Shipyards and the Annoua Company. The ICS does have an army, but not a very powerful one.



Leader of the ICS, in control of the Army and the Navy. Leader of the Senate.

Vice PresidentEdit

Assistant to the President, has direct control over the Senate and Presidential Guards.


Delegates of the Coalition Senate. Two are elected from every inhabited planet or moon. This policy is currently under review, and it is possible that senators will be assigned to systems, not individual planets. Some are trained in advanced military techniques.


Representatives are the members of the lower house of the ICS Legislative Branch. The Council of Representatives has very limited power and is in the process of being totally dissolved.

High AdmiralEdit

Postion in existance only during times of war. Commands the entire ICS Navy, and overides Presidential Military Decisions.


Field leaders of the Navy and Army, respectively.

Presidential GuardEdit

Protect the President and Vice President, have rigorous military training.


Assigned to protect senators when out on diplomatic missions.

Military OfficersEdit

Commanders and Captains, that lead squadrons into battle.

Enlisted MilitaryEdit

Soliders and main body of the ICS military.

Member PlanetsEdit

Planet or Moon Joined Sector Quadrant Notes Senator
Aboli Focol Flag.png Aboli Focol321 AKRLuti Sector3Iorus Generog
Aeca 4
Aeido 3
Agal 2
Aitini Yeoiti Flag.svg Aitini Yeoiti274 AKRTeraur Sector4Mya Suserell
Alecta 1
Alit 1
Anasta 2
Anela 3
Annatli 3
Aqualis Flag.png Aqualis0 AKRAqualis Sector4Founding memberMiera Tauno
Asiza 4
Atropo Flag.png Atropo48 AKRMoirai Sector1Very small populationAisa Nona
Azura 1
Flag of Bastrion.svg Bastrion0 AKR 1 Founding member
Bespbrindall 1
Bespiloth 1
Bothtilore 1
Calistac. 35 AKR 4
Flag of Capital.svg Capital 22 AKR3Coalition capital from 22 AKR to 1118 AKRServus Netor
Carni 1
Castali 2
Chandriqui 1
Chandrilla2700 AKRRestricted Zone1Part of the New Colonization ProjectLuta Nieri
Chindira 4
Chitri 4
Cli 2
Clothiac. 35 AKR1
Crelina flag.svg Crelina0 AKRIena Sector3Founding MemberNatasha Ahista
Dari 4
Dionn 4
Dirorio 3
Dymphnette 4
Eliss 3
Eobetta 1
Erato 2
Erinnac. 35 AKR 2
Eryn 4
Euter 2
Fatia 4
Gljedc. 35 AKR 1
Haya 4
Iatau 3
Ibbis Syi3
Idrajenna Flag.png Idrajenna1789 AKRNawge Sector3Seceded to the Empire of WorldsYuralyn Aer
Jeji Flag.svg Jeji274 AKRJeji Sector4Melissa Shelton
Kamali 4
Krist'ri Flag.jpg Krist'ri73 AKRRepublica Sector4Ile Haidi
Lariss 1
Larotinus III 1
Latimuc. 35 AKR 2
Lusle III100 AKRArakyla Sector2Mireta Darena
Luwosi240 AKRLuti Sector 3
Maia 1
Ma'Paler Flag.jpg Ma'Paler0 AKRArihelia Sector1Founding MemberKrisin Ach
Ma'Paler III Flag.png Ma'Paler III100 AKRArihelia Sector1Ritcik Ro’har
Megra 2
Melpomene 2
Meniv VI 3
Mykao 1
Nabooine 1
Nabrillari 2
Naoubah 2
Nautilagc. 35 AKR 2
Nirielle 4
Nodana 3
Ocalli 4
Parija 1
Flag of Polythmni.svg Polythmni193 AKRTerpsichore Sector 2
Rianaida 1
Rion 1
Sennandira XIV Flag.png Sennandira XIV274 AKRLacry Sector1Dereima Eacamac
Flag of Serendipity.svg SerendipitySeren Sector1
Shazac. 35 AKR4
Silei Flag.png Silei0 AKR4Founding member; Coalition capital since 1118 AKR; meeting place
Sorna 4
Stelauc. 35 AKR 4
Stenyir 4
Sulladra 2
Sundesy 4
Sydette 1
Tantpimir 2
Tatah Tetel Flag.png Tatah Tetel1789 AKRAlusio Sector1Taken over by Empire of WorldsAwaiting Election
Teah 3
Terenti 3
Flag of Terpsichore.svg Terpsichore 243 AKRTerpsichore Sector 2 Home of the Church of Terpsichore
Thali 2
Tia 1
Flag of Tianonnis.svg Tianonnis0 AKRAidig Sector4Founding MemberRoti Lirev
Tillus 1
Tisiphon 2
Trillus 1
Tundgodor 3
Urania 2
Urji 3
Uta 3
Valeska 1
Flag of Varlsidor.svg Varlsidor0 AKR 3 Founding member
Vedis 1
Velda 4
Vestia 3
Xanycias Flag.png Xanycias1789 AKRAlusio Sector1Seceded to the Empire of WorldsNan Dynre
Yaeebah 3
Yaordra 3
Yenua 3
Yodsni Flag.png Yodsni100 AKRCinidra Sector2Usana Iriti
Yuci0 AKRYuci Sector 3 Founding member; capital of Yuciian RepublicUlia Quin
Zaekyla 4
Zanda 3

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