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InterGalactic Spaceflight Adminsitration
The IGSA Flag
Founded 1593 AKR
Founded By ICS,EoW, and FS Council
Organization Head Consul
Formation Council Agreement
Primary Role(s)
Affiliation None

The InterGalactic Spaceflight Administration (IGSA) is a galactic agency in the Avopei-Larru Galaxy and her Companions. The IGSA was at one time the Interstellar Spaceflight Administration, but when its control was spread to the Companion Galaxies, the name was changed.


The ISA was formed in the late 1500s AKR after the Independent Coalition of Systems, Empire of Worlds, and the Federated Systems noticed the success of the Danouarri Orbital Shipyards Interstellar Launch Codes. The three governments would come together to make the IGSA.


The IGSA is responsible for assign both Interstellar Launch Codes and Interstellar Spaceport Codes, as well as keeping up to date records of these codes. All craft, governmental and civilian, must register with the IGSA and pass an extensive inspection. Any altercations must be reported to the IGSA or the craft will recieve heavy fines. The IGSA also distributes a special log computer to all registered craft, if altercations to the log are not done correctly or falsified, the pilot will be heavily fined, or possibly imprisioned. The IGSA has offices in most major spaceports, as well as several patrols around the galaxy to catch any criminals. The IGSA also became responsible for monitoring trade, including illegal trade.


The IGSA categorized spaceflight crimes into six classes, each had a differing fine attached to it.

Class SixEdit

  • Minor Defects
  • Travelling in Restricted Territory
  • Expired Registration (Less than one month)


  • Warning - 75 ALs

Class FiveEdit

  • Refusing to obey an IGSA officer
  • Expired Registration (Greater than one month, but less than one year)
  • Non-Militaristic Altercations
  • Travelling Over Capacity


  • 100 ALs- 500 ALS

Class FourEdit

  • Failing an IGSA Spot Inspection
  • Transporting unlogged cargo


  • 1000 ALs

Class ThreeEdit

  • Flying under the influence of any alcohol or narcotic
  • Expired Registration (Greater than One Year, but less than Two Years)
  • Militaristic Altercations (Unapproved)


  • 1000 + ALs
  • Imprisonment (Up to One Year)

Class TwoEdit

  • Transporting Narcotics
  • Transporting Criminals
  • Firing Upon IGSA vehicles


  • Imprisonment (50 - 60 Years)

Class OneEdit

  • Log Falsification
  • Expired Registration (Greater than Two Years)
  • Piloting a non-registered vehicle
  • Firing on Diplomatic vessels


  • Imprisonment (60 + Years)

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