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Galactic Coordinates (1,16,25,24)
Region Core Worlds
System Synda System
Sun(s) Synda
Moon(s) 4
Planet Type Terrestrial
Atmosphere 20% O2

79.3% N2 .7% Other

Terrain Oceans

River Valleys Mountains Lakes

Native Species N/A
Immigrated Species Iorou
Primary Language Galactic
Population 6 Billion
Major Cities Cosseli
Affiliation Independent Coalition of Systems

Ma'Paler is a large water planet in the Synda System. The planet is the fourth in the system and the only inhabitable planet. It is surrounded by four moons.


The planet is covered mostly in water, but has two large continents, Ritias and Chizi. These continents are heavily marked with both rivers and lakes. Ritias also has a long mountain chain that runs along the western edge. The city of Cosseli is located on the western of edge of Chizi, which is very close to the eastern edge of Ritias.


The population of Ma'Paler is almost exclusively Iorou, but there has been an increasing immigrant population in the recent centuries. Most Ma'Palan Iorou are slightly taller than average, but beyond that there are no other distinctions. The population of the planet slightly exceeds 6 billion, mostly centered around the city of Cosseli.


The sport Ioroball is extremely popular on Ma'Paler.
Ma'Paler Flag

The Flag of Ma'Paler

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