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Location Edit

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Statistics Edit

[[Image:{{{star system map}}}|300px]]
Star Name Quord, Quord 2 (.8-/.5+-+, .7-/.5+-+)
Scientific Name BP1:Quord, BP1:Quord-2
Class M (both stars)
Avg Temperature 6,915 kin (both stars)
Luminosity 4.36
Mass 2.0 X 10^25 metrels (both stars)
Radius 870 centipars
Age 6.4 thousand GY
Governorship N/A
Government Anarchy
Governor {{{system governor}}}
Alliances N/A
Largest Civilization Magnesi
Capital N/A
Weights and Measures Relative terminology only
Language Magnesi Particle Code
Society Class Type C: Interterrestrial Society
Population 65 trillion Magnesi, 40 million Worldworms
Anthem N/A
Motto N/A
Currency N/A
Productivity N/A
Imports N/A
Exports N/A

Worlds Edit

Overview Edit

Although the Quord System is inhabited by sentient creatures, these creatures show no interest in outside society, and their behavior has puzzled philosophers for centuries. The Quord System includes only one real planet, which is commonly referred to as " Planet Quord." The inhabitants of the Quord System do not refer to their planet except as "Here." The other major feature of the Quord System is the Quord Belt, a teardrop-shaped ring of floating objects that orbits the star. The floating objects are apparently living creatures, since they have been observed to actively move about to hold their formation in the teardrop shape. The Quord Belt points to a different star system every 13.2 galactic years, and remains pointing at that system for 12.8 galactic years (with 0.4 galactic years for maneuvering), although the individual objects continue to orbit Quord.

Quord is a binary system, with two stars orbiting a common epicenter. Planet Quord oscillates back and forth across this epicenter in a linear "orbit", while the Quord belt encircles the entire system beyond the orbits of both stars.

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