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Shraak Prime
Star Name Shraak Prime
Scientific Name BP1:Shraak Prime
Class 2.2
Avg Temperature
Governorship Waterbe Empire
Government Type Facist Oligarchy
Governor(s) Waterbius VI and Drake
Alliances None
Largest Civilisation Waterbe Empire
Capital City Waterbe City
Weights and Measures Waterbe Units
Language Waterbien
Society Class Type C/D
Population 35,100,000,000
Anthem Our Father's War

(Waterbien:Abbantis Vellum)

Motto War creates control

(Waterbien: Abbantis preacess impertus)

Currency WCU
Productivity 100.0 Waterbe Productivity Units
GDP 909 billion WCU ($909000000000)
Imports Food
Exports Weapons

Shraak Prime is the central star in the Shraak System. It is a class 2.2 star.


  • Age: 0.5 bill GY


  • Proelism - The current dominent religion
  • Mitigasm - This religion follows peace, however dissolved as the waterbe mind was not capable of sustaintung pacifist views
  • Unallusm - This was the dominant religion around 1 GY - 10000 GY
  • Bellutasm - A small religion, this believes that to moral purpose of life is to annihilate itself, and so they strive for apocalyptic research.
  • Mucnanosm - The dominant religion from 10000 GY - 20000 GY
  • Monausm - A minor religion common in third world provinces.



The star system is claimed to be Waterbe territory, and is so governed by the Waterbe empire. The leader of the Waterbe empire was elected 5 galactic years ago, and is named Waterbius VI (waterbe have the tradition of naming leaders after the species). Their main language is known as Waterbien and is standard across the empire.

Waterbe Political Map

Political Map of the Shraak Prime System. Red is the Waterbe Planetary Empire

Waterbe Flag

The Waterbe Flag

Waterbe Coat of Arms

The Waterbe Coat of Arms

The Waterbe have not yet communicated with any alien life, but they have picked up static traced to the Quathalan System.


The Waterbe, being a military race by nature, have an extensive military force.

Grey Ropes are 37.723 MDU long chains of nanobots that can organise themselves to constrict and crush relatively strong objects.

A robot fly weighs 0.0000184 SMU and carries lethal poison that can kill a Waterbe.

Gamma turrets fire gamma rays which give a fatal dose of radiation to anything that it is fired at.

The military force includes:

  • 164,042 (hollowstar: ushupap) Grey Ropes
  • 3.5 million (hollowstar: amibuxe) robot flies
  • 534 (hollowstar: emab) gamma turrets
  • 133.6 million (hollowstar: afexipinu) foot soldiers
  • 1,052,000 (hollowstar: amivego) ground vehicles
  • 231,200 (hollowstar: amidil) ICBMs
  • 50,150 (hollowstar: aputob) air vehicles
  • 4,790 (hollowstar: apis) sea vehicles


The planet Unistarch is covered in a global desert, known as Univex (roughly translating to 'Global Heat'). There are fout huge seas at the north pole, and a small ice cap at the south.

Most Waterbe inhabit the coasts, which are cooler as they are near the sea (which is how they survived the mass extinction when the desert was formed).


Planet unistarch. The oceans are visible, and so is the desert.



  • -500,000,000 GY - Shraak Prime formed out of the Quathalan Nebula.
  • -450,000,000 GY - The planets of the Shraak Prime system condensed out of the stellar nebula.
  • -425,000,000 GY - Hypothetical planets Zatres and Gelop collide to create the asteroid belt of the same name.
  • -400,000,000 GY - Water condenses to form oceans on Unistarch.
  • -350,000,000 GY - Blovion evolve on Unistarch.
  • -100,000,000 GY - Multi-celled life is created on Unistarch.
  • -250,000 GY - The modern Waterbe species is evolved.
  • -240,000 GY - Waterbe population hits 1 million
  • -150,000 GY - Stone axes are utilised
  • -125,000 GY - Waterbe population hits 5 million
  • -100,000 GY - Throwing spears are utilised
  • -50,000 GY - Flaming torches are utilised
  • 1 GY - Approximate date of first cities.
  • 1 GY - Waterbe population hits 100 million
  • 20,000 GY - Waterbe population hits 1 billion
  • 21,803 GY - First vehicles utilised
  • 21,826 GY - Waterbe population hits 5 billion
  • 21,848 GY - First military vehicles utilised
  • 21,962 GY - First planes
  • 22,035 GY - First commercial jets.
  • 22,048 GY - First fighter jets are invented
  • 22,049 GY - The third waterbe war starts.
  • 22,099 GY - The final ICBM strike.
  • 22,099 GY - Waterbe population hits 18 billion
  • 22,100 GY - Formation of the Unistarch Super Nation
  • 22,100 GY - Waterbe Judgement Tower building is started.
  • 22,101 GY - Fusion propelled space travel is possible by the Waterbe
  • 22,101 GY - First flight to another planet. Due to a lack of acceleration, it was a four year long, one way trip.
  • 22,105 GY - First flight to another planet's arrival.
  • 22,110 GY - Blueprints of a jump drive are found on Shraak III.
  • 22,133 GY - Waterbe population hits 30 billion
  • 22,147 GY - Waterbe population hits 31 billion
  • 22,148 GY - Waterbe Judgement Tower is completed.


  • 22,470 GY - Terraformation of Shraak II is complete. It is now safe to walk outside completely unprotected (apart from the oceans and mountain tops)

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