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Skyview Star System
Star Name Skyview
Scientific Name BP1:Skyview
Class 1.0
Avg Temperature 13,605 kin
Luminosity 3.13
Mass 1.94E30 tetrels
Radius 23,734,978 millipars
Age 7.8 million GY
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Government N/A
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Alliances None
Largest Civilization Authlanis
Capital N/A
Weights and Measures N/A
Language N/A
Society Class Type E: Continental/National Society
Population 750,000
Anthem None
Motto None
Currency N/A
Productivity N/A
Imports N/A
Exports N/A


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Overview Edit

The only world in the Skyview System is the "planet" Authlanis, which is really a huge irregular planetary body that has not taken a typical spherical shape. It is essentially a flat world held in place by the gravitational effect of the star Skyview and the magnetic effect of Authlanis' partner and "moon" Denia. Although Denia takes on more of the typical traits of a planet, it is in orbit of Authlanis, not Skyview, and is considerably smaller than the irregularly shaped Authlanis planetary body.

Authlanis is locked into orbit around Skyview in a typical elliptical orbit; however, it is in a synchronous orbit with Denia whose close proximity and magnetic field keeps the world at a regular rotation. From the Authlanic sky, Denia never appears to move.

Additionally, the star system itself is nested deep inside the debris of an ancient stellar explosion. The nebula surrounding Skyview is so thick and dark that no stars are visible anywhere in the vicinity. In fact, one would have to travel over a hundred billion Great Leagues to reach a point where stars are visible at all. Unlike some of the more colorful nebulae in the galaxy, this one is full of dark and absorbent matter and does not reflect interstellar light. As a result, the people of Authlanis are completely unaware of the universe around them and the rest of the galaxy would have no way to know the system exists, unless an unknown stray Antheonic Ring were located.

The system was formed a few epochs after a nearby supernova erupted. Skyview formed quickly from the explosion's resulting gas and heat. A huge amount of debris was attracted to Skyview and other nearby stars until the system matured and only the largest two bodies remained. Due to the velocity of the supernova, the smaller debris did not stay in stable orbits long enough to become a part of the mature star system.

By the time Authlanis developed as a life-supporting world, Skyview had spun to the far reaches of the supernova and gravitationally stabilized deep inside a large dust cloud. The cloud is so thick outside the boundaries of the star system that not even other stars within the nebula can be seen. Skyview's gravity keeps the immediate system relatively clear of debris, but particles, asteroids, and comets do occasionally make an appearance before plummeting into the star.


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