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Tatah Tetel
Tatah Tetel
Galactic Coordinates (1,1,35,594,09)
Region Core Worlds & Mid-Rim
System Alusio System
Sun(s) Alusio & Ienr
Moon(s) 11
Planet Type Terrestrial
Atmosphere 60% Nitrogen 25% Oxygen 15% Misc.
Terrain Grassland
Native Species None
Immigrated Species Iorou
Primary Language Galactic
Population 583,203,572,000
Major Cities Tehatteel
Affiliation ICS Flag Independent Coalition of Systems

The 8th planet in the Alusio System. Tatah Tetel is a rather large planet that has eleven moons orbiting it, Tatah II, Tatah III, Tatah IV, Tatah V, Tetel II, Tetel III, Tetel IV, Tetel V, Tetel VI, Tatah VI, Tatah VII. This planet is one of twelve inhabited planets in the Alusio System. The planet is located in the Sndarcas Nebula, and the Shirissa Quad Rotation System. Tatah Tetel is often considered an idyllic planet, covered in beautiful sparkling blue oceans, continents covered with lush landscapes, and white clouds.


Tatah Tetel is the most heavily populated planet in the Alusio System. The planets inhabitants are called the Tetel, which is a species called a near-Iorou, meaning they have similar structure with subtle differences. The Tetel are extremely concerned with their appearance, and any blemish is quickly removed. The Tetel have built cities that both float over the water, and extend over the land. The largest of these cities is Tehatteel is located on the northeast continent extending out into the Isirhsa Ocean. This city is very open, and provides a very intimate feel with the city. About 53% of the planet is covered in water. Near the edge of the southeast continent there is a strange anomaly. At this spot there is a pit of plasmic Karsp gas that is believed to extend to the core of the planet. This pit causes many problems to arise in the travel industry, as the magnetic tendency of the plasma interferes with electronic equipment.


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Pre Kashouion Rebellion[]


The planet was discovered in 1282 BKR, during the same mission that revealed the Sndarcas Nebula, and Jaidori. The first sustained colony on Tatah Tetel was in 1200, this was a group of Iorou from the Yaeebah system. It is believed that this is the home system of the Tetel, and had already had several small tribe-like cities by the time the first outsider colony.

Plasmic Pit[]

It is believed that the plasmic pit was formed in the late 1300s BKR. Scientists believe that the pit was caused by a small split in the core that released the plasma into the cold water; the outer edges were quickly cooled forming the perimeter of the pit. The core continues to heat the inner area of the pit, which keeps the karsp gas in the plasma state. The plasma began to be collected in 2034 AKR.

Foundation of the Government[]

In 1141 BKR a monarchial government was formed. The first king was King Krm Trits, whose reign lasted until 1096. The monarch was given absoulte power over the commerce, and tax divisions of the government. A small group of politicians make the decisions on all other fields. The monarchy would be troubled by a lack of faith by the public. The monarchy would fall apart in 5 AKR, during a massive rebellion.

After Kashouion Rebellion[]


After the rebellion, the government fell into a horrible anarchy that lasted until about 250 AKR. The planet fell into disrepair, and the people became very desperate.

Empire of Worlds[]

In the Galactic Compact, Tatah Tetel was allowed to stay a seperate, and free planet, as it had no political value at that point. The planet's continuing anarchy began to alarm the Empire of Worlds. The planet was becoming a pain to the Empire of Worlds, as unrestricted crime allowed pirates to destroy many of the ships that were going to the many other planets. This,however, would become too much of a problem, and the decision of invasion was decided upon in 248 AKR. The EoW would begin a full scale invasion late in 248 AKR. The EoW took over the entire planet in a major sweep in the middle of 249 AKR. The EoW would place a temporary direct government in control in early 250 AKR. The EoW insituted many projects to improve the planet; the largest of these projects was the construction of Tehatteel, which included several imperial government buildings. The restoration projects were finally all completed in 313 AKR. These projects increased the use of many trade routes, and raised Tatah Tetel to interstellar recognition. The EoW also placed the Tetel Confederation in control of Tehatteel, and the surrounding area. This continued to be the promeninent government in the area until the end of the Second Galactic War.

New Government[]

The EoW removed the direct government in 350 AKR, and placed a council government in place. At the head of this council was an EoW representative to further see that the planet was beneficial. This council featured a military, political, financial, public, and improvement officials.

First Galactic War[]

The First Galactic War was started in 547 AKR.

Importance of Tatah Tetel[]

Once the First Galactic War was started, the EoW secretly moved its capital from Decimisus to Tatah Tetel. The New Imperial Palace was completed in 1877 AKR. Against the plans of the EoW, the Independent Coalition of Systems learned of the change in 1880 AKR, and it was made a prime target.


During the course of the war Tatah Tetel was heavily bombed several times. Almost all of the cities were destroyed, very heavily. The planet became host to many battles during the war. Despite most of the destruction, the EoW would win the war, and begin rebuilding the planet.


Despite great opposition, the EoW capital was moved back to Decimisus. During this time the planet was completely rebuilt, in an attempt to bring it back to its former glory. The complete restoration was completed in 1375 AKR. The capital was moved back to Tatah Tetel in 1400 AKR.

Second Galactic War[]

The Second Galactic War was far more devastating to Tatah Tetel. After the war ended, the planet, along with the entire Alusio System, was ceded over to the ICS.

Independent Coalition of Systems[]

The ICS took full control of the planet in 2375 AKR. The Alusio System rests on the edge of the core and mid-ring regions of the Avopei-Larru Galaxy.


The most recent rebuilding of Tatah Tetel was performed by the ICS. The plan made preparations for the New Imperial Palace to be destroyed, and a new government building was built on the site. The plan also included a massive beautification project worked to improve the previously rather dark landscaping of before. The plan also called for a complete renovation of the ocean end of Tehatteel.


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Tatah Tetel Flag

The Flag of the Republic of Tatah Tetel

Twenty-five years after the Coalition took over the planet, the Coalition formed the Republic of Tatah Tetel, which provided all of the local government for the planet.

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