Waterbe Chompoid Scrach Sizes

The Coopehan is the multi-limbed one on the right.

The Coopahan are race of multi-limbed semi-primal creatures that inhabit the yellow forests of the planet Unistarch. They are warm blooded yet lay eggs and have flat scales on their white skin, not fur.

Common Name: Coopahan

Scientific name: Acupaus Coopahan Villus

Population: 690.9 million

Star Systems of Prominence: Shraak Prime

Evolutionary Analysis[]

The Coopahan eveolved from the same common ancestor as the Chompoids. However, there was one main difference in the evolution: the chompoids evolved in deserts, but the coopehan evolved in forests.

The first diversion was the flexible cartilage between the body and the spikes. Eventually muscles developed. This was an advatage because being able to move the spikes meant that it was easier to catch prey.

At around this time, swat glands around the neck evolved to produce strong acids (which the Coopahan was resistant too due a symbiosis with mucus producing plants), and the sweat gland narrowed to fire jets of toxins at high speed. This is still visible above the head of the Coopahan.

Then, the bone of the spikes split into two sections, then three. At the third joint, the bone diverged intom two sections. These would become the pincers that the Coopahan would use for dexterrous manipulation.

Social Analysis[]

The Coopahan are semi-primal, and they are able to create basic shelters out of materials that are cut from trees (whish is thought to be due to the acid glands). They can also manufacture axes, as the mucus left to dry in the heat of Unistarch summer creates a powerful glue, which can attach rocks (selected by the Coopahan through an unknown system of rules) to sticks strongly enough to make a lethal weapon.