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The Crelina Planetary Ioroball Team or as it is known by fans, the Coalition Spacers is the top ranked Ioroball team in the sport, representing Crelina. The team is the modern incarnation of the Crelina Ioro B's, which was one of the original Ioroball teams when the sport was created some time before the Kashouion Rebellion. The Spacers' home stadium is The Arena in Castenona. The Spacers have been in every ICS Ioroball Cup since 2727 except for the Cups from 33-39. Many players of the Spacers are often picked for the Galaxy Cup every ten years. The current captain for the team is Zach Alarna. The team is managed by the Crelina Ioroball Association.

Fans of the Spacers have been known to turn violent on a considerable number of occasions (though, not as much as fans of certain other teams), including the 39 ICS Ioroball Cup (one of the earliest editions of the cup). This particular incident caused the Crelina Ioroball Association, and as a result the Spacers, to be suspended from the ICS Ioroball Confederation for ten ICS Ioroball Cups (twenty years). As a result, the team did not appear in any of the cups from 41 to 59. There have been numerous other notable incidents, including e.g. 1211 and 1923, and, most recently, the 2703 ICS Ioroball Cup.

Current Team Members[]

Number Player Height (Ki) Weight (Pr) Age Start Year Club Notes
5 Jacob Kinsman 1.82 74.8 27 2748 Crelina IC Franca
7 Nate Leav 1.93 76 19 2750 Crelina Crelina Kickers
8 Alex Cristen 1.72 64.9 24 2750 Crelina Londin Academical
12 Barri Smith 1.70 89.3 31 2741 Crelina Knights of Tunia Retiring Next Season
13 Tristen Amr 1.75 53.0 22 2751 Crelina Londin Academical
14 Aiden Lebois 1.85 83.5 26 2747 Ma'Paler Cosseli Classics
15 Zach Alarna 1.96 80.3 24 2744 Crelina Crelina Kickers Captain
21 Skyler Zi 1.83 78.0 18 2751 Crelina Crelina Kickers
24 Rick Lienz 1.78 75.5 21 2749 Crelina The People's IC
27 Mark Khane 2.03 98.9 29 2746 Crelina Londin Academical
32 Jeff Malory 1.70 62.6 39 2733 Crelina North Castenona United Oldest player; Retiring next season