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Cresia is a region of Fresca, a continent on Crystaldeep.


Cresia is located on the northernmost coast of Fresca, overlooking the arctic continent of Tarcia across the sea.


Cresia has subpolar oceanic climate, with heavy snowfall during its winter.


The economy of Cresia is mainly agricultural, farming and fishing comprising the largest part of the economy. Cresian fishermen have temporarily traveled to waters near Tarcia for its rich fishing grounds.


Cresia is largely inhabited by the eponymous Cresii who have been living in the region for hundreds of years.


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The most common language spoken in Cresia is a variety of Kelosian. The language is believed to have been adopted by the Cresii in the past and shows a considerable Pre-Kelosian substratum.


Religion is an important part of the lives of Cresians. The weekly church-attendance rate exceeds 95%, with about as many reporting that religion is an "important part of their lives".


The Cresii are a reclusive people in relation to other cultures. They disassociate from alliances while refusing to sign binding treaties on behalf of their people. They view external interest with suspicion, a trait which has helped the isolation of Cresia.