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The Cresian System, or the 1 Cresii System, is a star system in the Cresian Sector in the Ionro Arm of Basilicus Prime.


The Cresian System is named after the planet Cresia, which is in turn named after the region of Cresia in Crystaldeep.


The Cresian System was created about −1.772 billion DT. About −1.551 billion DT, a group of Antheons seeded the system with oxygenic photoautotrophs, including blovions and plants, in an attempt to terraform the planets in the system. However, the Antheons did not settle permanently in the system. Life seeded by the Antheons evolved for about 1.551 Gda before the arrival of the Cresii.

The Cresii arrived in the system 34748-08 DT, after which they claimed sovereignty over Cresia and its satellites. The Cresian government also declared the Cresian System its exclusive economic zone.


The Cresii inhabit two planets: Cresia and Iscra. The vast majority of the inhabitants of the system live in Cresia, the only planet in the habitable system. Iscra is just outside the habitable zone of 1 Cresii, rendering the equator partially habitable. Both planets are under the sovereignty of the Republic of Cresia.


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