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Cresian War I
Date 34838-02 – 34840-07 DT
Location Cresia
Result Republican victory
Flag of Cresia Republic of Cresia

City of Avana
Colony of Fessa
Colony of Hartusa
Colony of Juna
Colony of Lisea
Colony of Nixea
Colony of Vendusa
Colony of Zinetia

Flag of Belsca Revolutionary Alliance

City of Belsca
Colony of Damacia
Colony of Enza
Colony of Mirsa
Colony of Ozerna
Colony of Promea
Colony of Serna
Colony of Thelda

Cresian War I, or the First Cresian War, was a war between the northern and southern provinces of Cresia from 34838-02 to 34840-07 DT. Due to a perception that the government gave preference to Avana and other northern cities, the southern cities declared their respective independence from the Republic of Cresia. Religious differences between the North and South exacerbated the crisis. The war ended with northern victory but resulted in more provincial autonomy per the Treaty of Avana.

Before the war, the population of the Cresian System was 1.06 billion. After the war, the population shrank to 909 million.

The northern provinces refer to the war as the First Cresian Civil War, while the southern provinces call it the First Cresian War of Revolution.

Battle of Belsca[]

The Battle of Belsca was the final battle of Cresian War I. Belsca was the last city held by the southern army. The other southern cities had already been defeated and occupied by the northern army. The battle took place after a siege on Belsca succeeded in breaking the Belscan defenses.

Treaty of Avana[]

The Treaty of Avana formally ended the war. The points of the treaty were:

  • The integrity of the Republic of Cresia
  • The establishment of sixteen autonomous provinces governed from each city
  • Borders drawn at intervals of 0.25π longitude.
  • The establishment of the Colonies of Nurtica and Suntica beyond 0.833333π N and S, respectively, to be governed centrally by the Republic of Cresia
  • The confirmation of the policy of preservationism