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Cresian War II
Date 34852-09 – 34856-04 DT
Location Cresia
Result Revolutionary victory
  • Independence of the provinces
Flag of Cresia Republic of Cresia

Province of Avana

Flag of Belsca Revolutionary Alliance

Province of Belsca
Province of Damacia
Province of Enza
Province of Fessa
Province of Hartusa
Province of Juna
Province of Lisea
Province of Mirsa
Province of Nixea
Province of Ozerna
Province of Promea
Province of Serna
Province of Thelda
Province of Vendusa
Province of Zinetia

Cresian War II, or the Second Cresian War, was a war between Avana and the fifteen provinces from 34852-09 to 34856-04 DT. This war resulted from issues that were not completely resolved from Cresian War I. The war ended with Avanan defeat, leading to the independence of the fifteen states from the Republic of Cresia.

Before the war, the population of the Cresian System was 2.06 billion. After the war, the population shrank to 1.92 billion.

Avana refers to the war as the Second Cresian Civil War, the other northern provinces refer to the war as the Cresian War of Revolution, while the southern provinces call it the Second Cresian War of Revolution.

Battle of Avana[]

The Battle of Avana was the final battle of the war.

Treaty of Belsca[]

The Treaty of Belsca formally ended the war and granted independence to the fifteen provinces. The points of the treaty were:

  • The independence of the fifteen provinces
  • The recognition of the government in Avana as a continuation of the Republic of Cresia
  • The association of Iscra to the Republic of Cresia
  • Nurta and Sunta in the possession of the Republic of Cresia
  • The establishment of the Cresian Union to coordinate international relations and trade
  • The retention of the Cresian Currency Unit (crescu) as a common currency