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The Cresian migration was a large-scale migration of the Cresii out of Crystaldeep. The migration led to the discovery and settlement of the planet Cresia.


Even before the Kelosian War, the Cresii have expressed a desire to emigrate from Crystaldeep. The dominant Kelosian culture had been encroaching in traditionally Cresian lands, resulting in the loss of their original language.

Once the war had started, the Cresii made full preparations to leave the planet. Because the development of Kelosian technology for interstellar travel was limited, the Cresii made an appeal to the Alliance for Crystaldeep for technical assistance. Determining that it was best for the Cresii to settle another world, the Helics provided the Cresii with a convoy of spaceships.

The Cresian convoy, deciding to leave the Kelosian Sector altogether, departed Crystaldeep in 34746-02 DT (21999 GST). Using Antheonic rings, the convoy arrived in the Cresian Sector, on the periphery of the Ionro Arm. Upon discovery of the planet now-called Cresia in 34748-08 DT (22001 GST), the Cresii terminated their search for a new planet and settled.


The causes behind the Cresian migration is varied. The main causes were: the expansion of the cosmopolitan Kelosian society of Crystaldeep; the Kelosian War; and the growing influence of the interplanetary alliance in Kelosian affairs.

Although the migration was not initially a popular sentiment among the Cresii, the post-war political changes in Crystaldeep convinced many to reconsider emigrating.


The vast majority of the emigrants were ethnic Cresii originally residing in Cresia. A small proportion comprised of Cresian émigré in other lands, some of who had married a non-Cresian spouse.

The number of people willing to migrate increased dramatically after the war. After the departure, the population of Cresia had decreased by 34%.