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A Cresian name consists of one or two personal names, a patronymic, a matronymic, a patrilineal, and a matrilineal.

Personal name[]

One or two personal names are given at birth. Although initially common, the name Cresius became disused after the days of Cresius by the populace. Only the imperial family of Cresia used the name Cresius thereafter.

Patronymic and matronymic[]

The patronymic is derived from the personal name of the father; the matronymic, the mother. If the father or the mother has two personal names, the first one is used.

Patrilineal and matrilineal[]

The patrilineal is transmitted from the father to his children; the matrilineal, from the mother. The immediate family of the Cresian emperor, however, did not use the patrilineal nor the matrilineal.

Common name[]

While a full name consists of all five components, a common name usually consists of a personal name and the patrilineal or the matrilineal. For example, Cresius (personal name) Cresii (son of Cresius) Cresii (son of Cresia) Cresianus (patrilineal) Cresianus (matrilineal) will commonly be called Cresius Cresianus.