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Cresiopolis (or simply Cresia) was the capital of the Cresian Empire. Although its original name was Cresia, historians have used the term Cresiopolis to distinguish the city from the former empire and the geographic region. Cresiopolis means the city of Cresius, the first Cresian emperor, or the city of the Cresians.

Contrary to common belief, Cresiopolis was not named after Cresius, the founder of Cresianism. Although Cresius I founded the first Cresianist state with Cresiopolis as his power base, Cresius (the founder) had never visited what is now the city. Cresianism instead reached Cresiopolis—and other parts of the region of Cresia—by later missionaries.

Cresiopolis experience dramatic growth as the imperial capital. Tax revenues from within the empire and tribute from nearby petty kingdoms brought wealth to the city. At its height, Cresiopolis rivaled Shallowmarine—the capital of the Vendian Empire—as the largest and wealthiest city on Fresca.