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The cresnet (formerly, Cresnet), or the net, is a system of computer networks that use a standardized Cresian protocol to serve billions of users in Cresia and Iscra.


The cresnet is a genericized trademark of Cresnet. Cresnet Inc. is a private corporation which was formerly the sole cresnet provider. It is now one of several cresnet providers and has licensed cresnet for free use.


The cresnet is based on older networking technology used in Crystaldeep before the migration. While the earliest incarnations of cresnet was a nearly identical copy of Kelosian networks, the two technologies have diverged considerably due to the sparse contact between the two cultures.

The first cresnet provider on Cresia was Cresnet Inc., which was already a service provider in Cresia in Crystaldeep. Cresnet Inc. was able to gain a monopoly in Cresia and Iscra and was commissioned to build a network infrastructure on both planets. However, its monopoly was short-lived as the Parliament of Cresia subsequently passed legislation preventing the formation of monopolies.