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The Dažbogian System is the star system of the intergalactic star Dažbog in the Basilicus Prime Cluster.


The name of the star Dažbog means "The Deity that Gives Light" in old Rodičian language, which is the language of Rodičian State that is the only nation in this star system.


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  • Dažbog I (Zorä)
  • Dažbog II (Lada)
    • Dažbog II-1 (Lël̄)
  • Dažbog III (Zëmina)
    • Dažbog III-1 (Mësäts)
  • Dažbog IV (Përun)
    • Dažbog IV-1 (Slava)
    • Dažbog IV-2 (Sila)
  • Dažbogian Asteroidal Bend
  • Dažbog V (Radighast)


System is a territory of interterrestial Rodičian State. Rodičian State includes three planets: Zëmina, as a native planet of Rodičs; Lada and Përun, that are terraformed by Rodičs. Also State have permanent mining bases on almost all major asteroid in the system, as well as monitoring cities-stations, orbiting around the Radighast.

Rodičian State have an complicated political system, the most close definition for this political system will be dual monarchy. The main idea of this system is a balance between Judicial Power of People, Executive Power of People, Legislative Power of People, Monarch's Power and Church Power. Complex system of ranks and classes exist in this society.