The Daa'l were one of the three native sentient species that originated on the planet Telios Prime, in the Shiss System. An aquatic species, the Daa'l were at a pre-industrial level of civilization when the Cataclysm occurred. The resulting damage resulted in the release of several toxic elements into the oceans of Telios Prime, leading to the complete extinction of the species. Telian archeologists have uncovered several Daa'l underwater settlements and have learned many fascinating things about this extinct culture and people.


Telian archeologists have recently discovered that the Daa'l were herbivorous. Their diet consisted of the unicellular Vlarn that were in abundance at the time. Even though the Vlarn now exhibit some animal-like behaviours, it is believed that they were originally insentient flora that floated around the oceans, and evolved after The Cataclysm.


The Daa'l had two sub-species that lived in the two oceans of Telios Prime: The Helaz Daa'l, who populated the Helazio Ocean, and the Lye't Daa'l of the Lye'tor Ocean . These two sub-species did not seem to differ much in the way of lifestyle or diet, but the writings uncovered appear to be very different in nature. The Helaz dialect (or at least what is known of it) seems to be much more picture-orientated than the linear scriptures of the Lye't.