Danouarri is a majorly jungle world and only about 45% of the surface is water. Danouarri has one natural satellite, but it is uninhabitable with a barren and rocky surface. The enormous Onali creatures, have settled most of the surface of the planet, these creatures are primal and will eat other, often sentient, species to heal themseleves. This has prevented much urbanization of the planet. The Vivilnys have constructed massive space stations that constantly orbit the planet, most notable of these creatures was the Danouarri Family, who the planet was named after.


The planet has five continents all of which have gigantic jungles spanning the surface. There are very few mountains and rivers break up much of the continental land. The atmosphere of the planet is made largely of carbon dioxide, which spurs the growth of the plant life.The oceans have large amounts of caustic chemicals which make them toxic to most creatures.


The Onali are rarely observed and considered highly dangerous. The Vivilnys, who are believed to have migrated from Jeji, have established a refined culture based around shipbuilding.