on a galactic scale

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The Destroyer is an allegedly immortal and invincible being that absorbs planets into its huge, shadowed maw. Its appearance is said to be that of "...a huge, red planet with a gigantic mouth several countries wide, stretching across it. The mouth has long, sharp teeth, and a tongue made of pure shadow." It is said to have no eyes, save that of a single giant eyeball in its core. The creature's ultimate goal is to devour the universe.


The first recorded sighting of the Destroyer was by a Helic who saw it flying over his spaceship and devouring a nearby star. The Helic wrote this about it:

"The devil flew over our ship today... I shall never forget how he looked down at me with that blind face... the abomination's mouth opened and I saw the hideous creatures insides. In it was an eyeball, a single eyeball, hovering on a throne so high it was impossible to see the top..."


The Destroyer has had quite a few communicants over the years. Here are several recent ones:

  • Erik Wind
  • Jason Orwell


"What's that? They're firing on us? Okay then, Commander, fire back on them. What's that, Commander? It's destroying your fleet? Hahahaha... too bad for you."