Direshores is a large island to the north of the mainland of Eris. It is the second largest island in the Kingdom. 

Direshores is part of the Province of the Seaholds under the Lord Lichus and is ruled by Lord Raihne.  It was the last part of Eris to be taken by it, only being brought into the kingdom by Eris'  fifth king, Petron the Conqueror. 

The Direshoisii or Dirish have a long history of reaving and piracy. They have to be tough to survive the winds and waves of the Salt Sea and live on their rugged isle. The Dire fleet is a rival of the Black fleet of Querl and the Dale Fleet and is said by some to even be stronger then the Royal Fleet. Men of the island are natural seafarers and skilled shipbuilders. Direshoisii galleys are among the finest in Eris. 

Direshores has been made tough by its history. It was the site of a prolonged series of invasions and counterinvasions during the Empirical Period Wars between the Great Nations Alliance and the Ancient Empire. Its men learned to fight and to sail well to avoid the vast fleets of the classical era. After the Collapse, Direshores was firmly in the Great Nations hands, unlike the rest of Eris. As the Great Nations fought amongst one another, Anthros took control of the island. A local rebellion, led by Bellon Raihne drove out the Anthrosii. Bellon was appointed unapposed the King of Direshores. From that day on, the Dirish were the scourge of the salt sea and the bane of the waters even far down the rivers. Since Petron's conquest of Direshores it has rebelled numerous times. Always, it has eventually been crushed. 

The sigil of Direshores and of House Raihne, is a black conger eel on a red sail. The traditional Direshoisii weapons are the Diresword, a short but thick weapon and an iron coated roundshield. No armour is traditionally worn. The Direshoisii fighting style is perfect for battle at sea but their fighters, trained from birth, are also strong in traditional land line battles and are utilised to much effect whenever the Lord Lichus can convince them to fight for him.