Donimor is the capital city of the Hexarian Star Republic, located on Hexar on the continent of Alutai. It has stood for over a millennia as the central hub of Hexarian culture and history.


Donimor began as a small village situated at the confluence of the Nayra and Seiti rivers, during the Elvan Empire era. It steadily grew, outstripping the imperial capital Ozaku and eventually was chosen as the new seat of government at the founding of the Elvan Republic, in 0 NF.

The Elvan Republic was ruled from Donimor Tower, a massive structure atop which sat the Palace Crown: residence of the Elvan President. The tower was destroyed during the darker days of the Republic, when the Kvorn were closest to extinguishing the Hexarian race. Later, it was rebuilt (although much smaller) and the complex around it gradually extended. Over many centuries, the result became what is now the Five Tower Garden; the seat of government for both the Hexarian Star Republic and its predecessor.