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The "Crovan's Vengeance"
Starship Class Vengeance-class battle cruiser
Manufacturer NovaStar Corporation
Length 21655.9 MDU (3500 Meters)
Width 3712.44 MDU (600 Meters)
Engine Unit(s) 3 Photonic Focus Drives
Slipspace Drive NovaStar Slipspace Engine 1.4
  • 10 Particle Focus Cannons
  • Mk III AA-turrets
  • Grium-powered Battle Cannons
  • Ion Fusion Missiles
  • Sprinters
    • 32nd Transport Flight Group
  • Reapers
    • Falcon Squadron
  • Supernovas
    • Titan Squadron
  • Imperial Marine Corps
    • 15th Stellar Marines
  • Battle of Sirio
  • Battle of Nalonia
Commander(s) Fleet Admiral

Willen Pax

Fleet 1st Eternal Fleet


ENV-016, known commonly as "Crovan's Vengeance", was one of the most daring projects that the Eternal Empire has ever commissioned. NovaStar Corporation had yet again exceeded expectations and created the first dreadnought to be inducted into the Eternal Navy. Armed with 10 particle focus cannons, one of the most powerful weapons in the Eternal Empire, hundreds of Mk III AA-turrets, the upgraded version of the original Mk I turret, and ion fusion missiles, which can destroy a spacefaring vessel's shields in a matter of mere minutes, NovaStar Corporation has managed to make a monstrosity of a dreadnought. Showing its sheer strength and power in numerous battles, Crovan's Vengeance continues to prove its dominance over many of its opponents across the galaxy.