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The Ednardian Republic is a republic located in the Outer Rim and is made up of Ednardian controlled lands. They focus on their economy more than their military.


The religion is the belief in a large pantheon known as the Anslions. The group was said to have created the galaxy and the Ednardians but all other life developed on its own but was in the Anslions grand design.


Their homeworld, Ednos, is a center of their economy. Their money was mostly due to trade, but tourists to Ednos do pay a lot to be educated or even to tour the University of Galactic Wisdom.

Space Fleet[]

The Ednardian Republic focuses on the economy. Despite this they have a formidable space fleet. They use a ship called an Anslak-class Eliminator. They use these ships to use power from the Antheonic Rings to fire a proton beam. The beam can transport an enemy ship into the gaps between dimensions, never to return.

Species in the Empire[]

There were many species in this republic. Most still live and try to put life back into the Darran Empire.