An extremely old civilization, the Ednardians were created by the Antheons who had seen through a warp hole the future and foresaw the rise of the evil known as the Trel. To that end they took samples from an unknown species and genetically modified them into the perfect civilisation to be used in future as soldiers against the Trel. It is argued that though Ednardians are certainly not the most highly developed species in the Basilicus Prime Galaxy, they are probably the most balanced, enlightened and happy species in the galaxy. The Ednardians are renowned for their intellectual prowess, advanced technology, and code of honor. They try to keep peace in their small empire by monitoring trade, species foreign affairs within the empire. The Ednardians are an independent-minded people. While the species is quite versatile, the Ednardian people tend to a strict code of honour.

Ancient Ednardian Cast system

Foog/Kanna. Was originally king but changed to Emperor. Kanna's Kran. Elite soldiers. Slar.Lord Kar-kran. Soldiers who've been serving for 10 years or more. Kar. Peasant.


All Ednardians were expected to serve as soldiers if needed. For most of the time they've been on Ednos they have been fighting the Clarksonians.