View from Mahat Shau to Eija, with the gas giant Raub and Faiid Fua visible on the left.

Notable bodies[]

Raub: A large blue hued gas giant, the fourth planet from the system's star.

Faiid Fuar: The smallest and closest of Raub's moons. It's name means "Little Raging One", referencing the heavy electromagnetic storms that Raub's mangenetosphere and raditation rage across it's surface. It was known simply as Faiid (Little One) until the invention of telescopic instruments that revealed the tumultuous surface.

'Mah M'uasid': The second furthest moon from Raub as well as it's largest, comparable in size to your typical class M planet. It is notably tidle locked, so the same side of the moon is always facing the gas giant, and as such the Raub-wards face of the moon is vastly scarred and tortured by constant storms from Raub's mangetosphere, whilst the opposite is juxtaposedly smooth. It's name means "Guarding Sister".

Mahat Eib: Smaller in size than Mah M'uasid, the two sit very close together and have identical orbital periods. This means Mahat Eib sits constantly in the planetary "shadow" of Mah M'uasid and as such is protected from Raub's megnetosphere and radiation. Hence Mah M'uasid meaning "Guarding Sister", whilst Mahat Eib means "Eternally Loved". These two moons would become instrumental in staging Hu Shai exploration further into space, and ultimately interstellar travel.

Shumsai'san-harin: The Fourth of Raub's moons, sitting roughly equidistant between the third and fifth moons. It is the size of your typical lunar body and it notable as being the first astral body visited by the Hu Shai. As such it was instrumental as a staging point for the rest of their space exploration.

Mahat Shau: The homeworld of the Hu Shai and fifth moon of Raub, only slightly smaller than Mah M'uasid. It would eventually become the progenitor planet of many varied colonies and the political centre of the "Shaien Territories", a collection of 12 Star systems located in and around the local nebula.

'Hakaat': The sixth and final moon of Raub, conserably further out than the other moons, and only somewhat larger than Faiid Fuar. It is believe to be an extra-orbital body as it's orbit sits on a different axis from the rest. Hakaat would ultimately become the base of operations for intra-solar space exploration.

Interstellar neighbourhood[]

The following are the local star systems in the Sauvalt Nebula: They are arranged in order of distance from Eija.

- Lyat

- Dhaj

- Emin Hlaal

- Mehen Hwai

- Kheb Himejh

- Hubsh

- Shem Gessil

- Grieg

- Jeph

- Sha Omiem

- Tuam

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