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The Elvan Empire was a Hexarian nation on the continent of Alutai, Hexar. It was the precursor of the Elvan Republic, standing for over two thousand years before reforms led to a restructuring of the alternating clan-based leadership.

Great Clans[]

The Elvan Empire was ruled by various great Clans, each assuming leadership in turn when their ruler passed away. This ruler was known as the King (or Queen), although succession was not dynastic. Their rule was autocratic, although they still submitted to a greater system of the Empire's conventions themselves, which were only changeable under democratic processes.

Early Empire[]

Founded by Natil of Ara'yon, the Empire united the large clans of Alutai for the first time. Its introduction spread Ara'yon's Law and the Cultural Code, which effected a massive upheaval on the clans (particularly ancient Clan Rutor). It was during this social paradigm shift that a small Elvan population split from Alutai to form the Luria ethnic minority; attempting to evade social changes toward more rigid sexual relationships.

The early history of the Empire was fraught with problems, mainly of an internal nature; although it also endured the worst winter in recorded history, lasting over sixty years and killing a staggering 40% of the population. The last instances of Elvan infighting on an organised scale had ended by the end of the third century RF, with the arrival of the Brigand Dragons.

The Brigand Dragons were a race of huge airborne reptiles, migrating north from the island of Marrata due to a shift in the weather. The Elvan race were already familiar with the much more intelligent (and benign) Dimi, a sister species, but were unprepared for the ferocity of this new arrival. For the next seven centuries the Empire was locked in an ongoing battle with the Brigand Dragons, leading to the destruction of no less than nine great clans.

Age of the Mages[]

Shortly after the turn of the Empire's first millennium, new thinking had begun to blossom in a renaissance of the sciences. Although enquiring and empirical by nature, the Elvan tended not to specialise. When several particularly inquisitive elders calling themselves Mages began to specialise their knowledge (with the aim of knowing "All there is to know" of their discipline), scientific advancement accelerated enormously.


Twilight of the Empire[]