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Emirkol the Chaotic was a dark mage whose corrupted sense of power lead him to try to separate the material planet Traesh of the Jaezath System from its magical "wild". His efforts were semi-successful, but legend states that he is still alive, scheming.

History and Lasting Impact[]

Emirkol the Chaotic, though a legitimate historical figure, exists now as a character of legend. 

History archives state that Emirkol was believed to have come from the northern lands- perhaps Valok or Gliposs. Nearly overnight, he set up a fortress in the craggy, forested mountains of Colia, overlooking a community of fishing villages near a lake. 

His fortress grimly back and overbearing, he and his dark magic had no problems inciting fear in the hearts of townsfolk and manipulating them into submission. His towers were occupied by the most dastardly forms of apparitions and undead; he himself at the center of it all. Separating the world from the "wild" was his clear intent, although the reason for this ambition was quite unclear. He was able to separate quite a few of these cities before attention was called to him.

The noble and well-loved King Cearbhaill was old of age and weak at the time, but nonetheless valiant in his efforts to stop Emirkol from separating the entirety of Traesh from the wild, which he believed would unravel the very fabric of existence. After a great siege and war upon the mage and his dark forces, the King and his troops were successful, of sorts...

All except a few cities had been separate entirely from the "wild"- Dithreabh, Peble, Bennett, Arr, and Cailleath. For fear of the "wild" engulfing them entirely, four of these cities were evacuated... and not a moment too soon. Along the course of time each of them disappeared forever, leaving a ghost of a city, overgrown and hidden. The citizens of Cailleath, however, suffered a much stranger fate. To this day their homeland switches between residence in the material world and the "wild". To learn more about these occurrences and their impact on the city itself.

Known Usage of Magic[]

Emirkol the Chaotic is a prevalent reason why many users of magic are distrusted and persecuted to this day, especially in the land of Colia. His use of magic was sadistic and power-hungry, one might even say that it was the magic itself that corrupted him. He was in possession, it is believed, of the legendary Paradise Amulet, which granted the wearer untold powers but quickly corrupted them.

Dark Magic[]