The Estari Collective is the de facto nation or grouping of the Estari race, as the concept of nations is something they no longer identify with. As such, almost all Estari are said to be part of the Collective. The Estari only make claim on one system; the Estaran System, even though they are capable of forging a vast interstellar empire with their highly advanced technology. The Estari believe that all warfare derives from territorial expansion, thus refuse to engage in empire-building.

"It is not necessary for a race to spread itself across the stars for it to advance." ~ Cassarao XXIV

Despite holding just a single system, the Estari Collective is a powerful group as their technology is many millennia ahead of the rest of the Kasperion Sector. In addition, almost half of the system's residents are semi-permanent nomads on massive self-sufficient Worldships. These scattered vessels project influence far beyond Estari space. They also serve to safeguard the future of the race, should any cosmic misfortune strike Estaran.


The Estari have no military wing of their government as such, although a small "war council" known as the Estari Klaxxonia oversee the running of the fleet when facing serious threat. Needless to say, the Estari only ever engage in defense of their own space or Worldships (one of the most common causes of conflict is Worldships infringing on alien space; the flipside of Estari indifference to territory is that they do not believe any other race has right to claim space either). They are known for using unmanned disc-shaped fightercraft in huge numbers to swarm opponents, while near-invisible capital ships strike with beam weapons from a distance.


The Collective are amiable to just about all species that reciprocate. However, they often form a strong first impression of others and are hard to come around to afterward, as the Ocavians discovered. Their current relations are most cordial with the Hexarian Star Republic and New Alliance. They have a history of conflicts with the Homar Imperium, New Kvorn Empire and Shikkar Federation. Their relations to the Ralarians have been mixed, although they are unimpressed with the current behaviour of the Ralarian Cartel.