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Race: Half-Forseer, half-Highlord

Job: Mercenary

Age: 14

Height: 10.844 MDU

Weight: 26.682 SMU

Personality: Dedicated, spiteful, impatient


Ethian wears enchanted boots that allow him to move at speeds equal to that of light. He also wears a cloak that allows him to become invisible while motionless. He has short black hair.


Ethian carries a magic sword called Ragnos Hinderok, which translates to "The Blade of Legends". Only one person every 1,000 years can use this sword. He also carries a Reflector Shield, which allows him to reflect magic back at an opponent. Ragnos Hinderok allows him to use the Haven Power, which creates a blast that reaches out, up, and down 100 feet that consists of blended magic and energy. He can only use this when extremely angry or as a last resort, as if he uses it is exhausts him completely. He can only use it once every few months, or the strain would kill him.


Ethian's mother was a Highlord and his father was Forseer, both of which were killed viciously by Clemms, which resulted in Ethian never knowing who his parents were and his extreme hatred for the lower race. The only visible reference of his Forseer side are his pointed ears.

Ethian was one of four warriors summoned by Princess Terra during Terra's War.