Eye gems are an interesting device manufacted on the planet Xodus of the Jaezath System. They can only be used after a surgery to install them.

Basic Function[]

Eye Gems are used by the blind or those who must have their eyes completely removed for medical reasons. The very elite may install them just because, but there has only been one noted case of this.

Placed in the eye socket, these gems offer a fancy alternative to a ghastly, hollow socket. In the case of someone who is blind and cannot be healed, a surgery may be needed to gauge out the eyes before installation. Gems such as diamonds, star sapphires, or beljurils. Whatever the type of gem, it is often polished until perfectly round. Afterwhich, it is drilled into and hollowed out, then filled with the technology that will later (during installation) be hooked up to the brain to allow the user to see through them. This works by transmitting a signal carrying the "sight" of the technology from the gem to the brain, where it is interpreted normally. If the cause of blindness is an issue with the brain itself this will obviously not work. The technology inside the Eye Gem can, for an extra cost, be altered to factor out the color or shape of the gemstone, at least to the point where it affects the user's sight. Sometimes the gem will also be faceted for a "cat's eye" effect or engraved with a monogram or special symbol for identification.


  • Due to the high cost of installation and the device itself, only the rich and elite may afford eye gems. 
  • Xodus currently has no knowledge of outside systems and hasn't even made the effort to reach other planets. Thus, it would be nearly impossible for a non-resident of Xodus to get an Eye Gem installed.