The Felldrinker Bat is a species of bat native to the planet Xodus, and is thus far not known to exist elsewhere. Felldrinker bats have extremely thin membrane on their wings that makes them appear rather ghostly at night. They have fur colors ranging from light gray to deep black. They have no tail but have large ears and hear very well. Inaddition, they have very sharp teeth.

Behavior and Diet[]

Felldrinkers feed on decaying meat and living blood, and, as Xodus folklore suggests, "the corruption of character". Though they prefer areas cloaked in darkness, they will hunt openly during the day and may even pursue targeted pray for hundreds of miles. 

They are typically solitary creatures, seeking out others of their kind only during the brief mating season that occurs every five years; and if off this time they may kill each other on sight. Even their young are at risk of being eaten for the two months they remain with their parents, and only around three bats out of a brood of twenty live to maturity. They can sometimes be found roosting among more mundane varieties of bats that can serve as an alternative food source if the Felldrinker Bat gets hungry enough. Though possessing a hightened intelligence, Felldrinkers are unable to rise above primal instincts. Any one that could do so would be a formidable foe indeed.

Felldrinkers have been known to attack clovek (the main sentient species on Xodus) if hungry enough. This is common enough that clovek are often trained at a young age on how to respond. Felldrinker bats will often attack every member of a group once before flying off for a short time. It will then return with a deafening wail and attack again. It will continue to attack with hit-and-run tactics until its target collapses from exhaustion. Felldrinkers rarely sound a wail except for upon attack, and as a result there is no record of how a Felldrinker sounds except for my destription and/or immitation. It has been described as a haunting melody that ends in a horrifying screech.

Even Felldrinker young will not hesitate to attack other creatures and are relatively solitary at a very young age. Young bats of this species may attack in swarms, but this is highly unlikely. When it occurs, there are often no survivors as other Felldrinkers and other mundane species of bats join the fray. Afterwards this "alliance" turns on itself and often ends up with little to no survivors on either side.