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Flag of Belsca

The flag of Belsca.

The provincial flag of Belsca consists of a blue background and the flag of Cresia in the canton.


The flag of Cresia in the canton originally symbolized the Cresian heritage of Belsca, but it now symbolizes Cresian unity.



The official height-to-width ratio of the flag as specified by the Republic of Cresia is 2:3. The dimensions of the canton are half of those of the flag. The radius of the outer circle is 33% of the height of the canton, and that of the inner circle is 27%. The thickness of the spokes of the circle is same as that of the circle: 6% of the height of the canton.


The exact blue, white, and black colors used in the flag are specified as #000080, #FFFFFF and #000000, respectively.


The flag of Belsca was first used as a symbol of Belscan independence in Cresian War I. It was also used during Cresian War II, after which it became the official flag of the Republic of Belsca. After the Cresian reunification, it remained the flag of the Province of Belsca.