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Flag of Cresia

The flag of Cresia.

The national flag of Cresia consists of a white background and the Cresian circle in the center.


The Cresian circle, located in the center of the flag, was symbol used amongst early Cresianists. When Cresius I founded the Kingdom of Cresia, he promulgated the flag in honor of Cresius, his namesake, and Cresianism, the state religion. In time, the Cresian circle—and the flag—became a national symbol of the Cresii. Even after the conquest of Cresia by the Vendian Empire, the flag remained an ethnic symbol of the Cresii.



The official height-to-width ratio of the flag as specified by the Republic of Cresia is 2:3. The radius of the outer circle is 33% of the height of the flag, and that of the inner circle is 27%. The thickness of the spokes of the circle is same as that of the circle: 6% of the height.


The exact white and black colors used in the flag are specified as #FFFFFF and #000000, respectively.


The flag of Cresia was first flown by Cresius I, the first emperor of the Cresian Empire. It remained the state flag of Cresia until the end of the reign of Cresian XXV, the last emperor. After the absorption of Cresia by the Vendian Empire, the flag was briefly used as the flag of the Province of Cresia, a subdivision of the Vendian Empire consisting of the former Cresian Empire. However, the flag was soon replaced and deprecated by a new design made for the province.

Despite its official disuse, the flag remained an ethnic symbol of the Cresii. After the migration to the Cresian System, the Cresii reinstituted the flag for the Republic of Cresia. After Cresian War II, the reduced Republic of Cresia kept the flag as its official flag. Once the planet was reunified, the old Republic of Cresia—now renamed the Province of Avana—divested itself of the flag and transferred it to the new Republic of Cresia.