Galactic Coordinates 40104164
Region Ezzyni Sector, Taratisus Arm
System Guccia system
Sun(s) Guccia
Moon(s) Ulunia, Hanur, Izzyrad, Beryphut
Planet Type Habitable planet
Atmosphere Methane, CO2
Native Species Uzhuri, Albathur, Ygurlakk
Immigrated Species Alguruk, Ezbyry
Primary Language Ylluzhen
Population 13 billion
Major Cities Azunur Alawentus, Gardanar, Illuria
Affiliation The Colonial Empire

Forium is the 4th planet of the binary star system, called Guccia system.


Forium is fourth of sixteen planets in the binary star system of Guccia. Water covers 51% of the planet. Planet consists of 3 continents: Algalubia, Inzhinaria, Bluzzuman and Isles.


Algalubia is located mostly in the northern hemisphere of the planet. This is the largest continent of the planet and takes 47% of all the landmass. Northern part of this continenvet are cold and cored with ice and snow, while southern part of the continent is a sand desert, which takes most of the continent. Other areas are mostly swamps, mountains and fjords.


Inzhinaria is second largest continent. It is located primarily in the northern hemisphere. This continent is very mountainous. It is mostly covered with forests.


Bluzzuman is the only continent located only in southern hemisphere and one of two continents, which are located only in one hemisphere. Bluzzuman is very isolated from other continents. It has it's very own flora and fauna this is nowhere else to be seen.


Isles is the smallest continent, located directly south of Inzhinaria, consisting of numerous islands. It takes only 7% of all the landmass. Nevertheless this continent has the largest diversity of flora and fauna, but it is endangered by sapient species, which inhabit this continent.
There are many disputes about classiffication of the Isles, because they are so close to Inzhinaria that border can not be seen between the two. Nevertheless this continent has it's own continental plate and different geological circumstances.

Isolated places[]

  • Elgolorida
  • Sunset Isle
  • Arbuzhinar
  • Uzuri

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  • The name Forium is derived from the word "forum".
  • The Colonial Empire sets it's own Galactic Coordinates.

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