Fresca (pronunciation: /freskə/) is one of Crystaldeep's six continents, comprising the northernmost region of the eastern landmass of Crystaldeep. Fresca is separated from Haro to its east by land, and Tarcia to its north, Torra to its south, and North and South Astion to its west by sea.


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Fresca is divided into five geographic regions: Northern Fresca, Southern Fresca, Eastern Fresca, Western Fresca, and Central Fresca.


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Fresca lies mainly in the temperate climate zones. The climate is milder in comparison to other areas of the same latitude around the globe due to the influence of the Domar Ocean. The climate of Fresca is variable by region. The extreme Northern Fresca is subpolar while the Domar coast has a Mediterranean climate with warm semi-arid summers. The western coast receives much precipitation from the ocean, while Haro brings a cold continental climate to Eastern Fresca. Central Fresca has a temperate continental climate in low altitudes and an alpine climate in the mountains.


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The Kelosian language is the most widely spoken language in Fresca, as it is in the Kelos Sector. Although Kelosian is the lingua franca, the language show substrata of Pre-Kelosian languages.