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The Galactic Compact, officially the Avopei-Larru Peace Compact, was created as a treaty to end the Kashouion Rebellion. The Galactic Compact tried to create peace and prosperity throughout the galaxy. The Galactic Compact does have the provision to add amendments, but this can only be by council of the Independent Coalition of Systems, the Empire of Worlds, and the Federated Systems.


The Galactic Compact was scribed on the planet Silei and is currently held deep beneath the capital city. Representatives from every planet came together to see the Galactic Compact through.


The Galactic Compact became the founding document of modern politics in the Avopei-Larru Galaxy. It was written to unite the worlds of the galaxy to prevent a conflict of a scale similar to the Kashouion Rebellion. The Galactic Compact created three distinct government districts, the core, the mid-ring, and the outer-ring. The Compact placed the Independent Coalition of Systems at the head of the Core Systems, the Empire of Worlds over the Mid-Ring Systems, and the Federated Systems governing the Outer-Ring Systems. The Galactic Compact also set the Avopei-Larru Galactic as the standard currency for the galaxy, this would last until about 153 AKR. Sileian was set out as the standard language.

Notable Signers[]