Galactic Coordinates are a set of digits assigned to each planet in the Avopei-Larru Galaxy. The coordinate system was designed by the Independent Coalition of Systems, in the early first century AKR. The Coordinate system contains five sets of digits, space in between the planets are given decimal point coordinates. The system is now mostly used for transport to other planets

Coordinate DescriptionEdit

First DigitEdit

The first digit in the set represents the government jurisdiction the planet is in.

Second DigitEdit

The second is the digit of the sector. Each government sets the sector digits, but they must follow certain guidelines,

  • Positive must be to the right of the Silei System
  • Negitive must be to the left of the Silei System
  • Digits beginning with 0 or 1 must be to the North of the Silei System
  • Digits beginning with 2 or 3 must be to the South of the Silei System

Third DigitEdit

The third is a representation of the system the planet is located in, generally the digit is based on the when the system came into government jurisdiction.

Fourth DigitEdit

The fourth gives the specific location of the planet or moon within a system

  • Contains two digits if a planet
  • Contains three digits if a moon

Table of CoordinatesEdit


Sector Name Government Code Sector Code
Arihelia 1 45
Aqualis 1 -37
Iena 1 -20
Jasara 1 27
Jeji 1 31
Luti 1 -24


Planet Name Government Code Sector Code Planet Code
Aboli Focol 1 -24 02
Aqualis 1 -37 04
Crelina 1 -20 03
Jeji 1 31 21
Krist'ri 1 27 03
Ma'Paler 1 25 24
Tatah Tetel 1 35 09
Xanadu 1 -10 03
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