on a galactic scale

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Galactic Minute
Unit sign GM
Measure Time
Base Unit Galactic Year
Multiple of Base 10.0001
System HCM
Common usage Commonly used in communicating periods of a day
A work shift is 4 Galactic Minutes
SI 8514.72 Earth seconds = 1 GM
Imperial 1 GM = 8514.72 Earth seconds
see also: Galactic Year
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The Galactic Minute is a measurement of time that describes a single .0001 rotation of Black Hole Inatus. Developed by the Helics it is considered a standard in the Basilicus Weights and Measures system used by many interstellar civilizations in Basilicus Prime.

A Galactic minute is equal to 8514.72 Earth seconds.


Galactic Minutes are a standing in describing broad periods of time throughout an average day. To describe more precise time periods or events, Galactic Seconds or Galactic Instants are used. Additionally the measurement is not broad enough to describe longer events. Minutes are commonly used in day-to-day activities when one loosely describes a day's activity.

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