General Gunthar wearing his family's ancient armor into battle on Darrien VI.

The Galei, emerged in the Zeta System approx. 25,000 years ago on the planet Lusirin. Galei are commonly strong and militaristic; however, some are known to be extremeley smart.

Most Galei come togather in clans, usually led by an elder. In cases of military action, a council is formed and the eldest male and female in each family come to vote on a general. He/she wears there family's armour. Usually very old, their armour shows their pride in their family. Every set of armour is identified by how many times worn by the cuff links on their left arm. The more links the more honour each family commands.

When born Galei are identified by their family's name only; when they reach adulthood and go through a rite of passage determined by an elder they are given a name by the elder that gave the rite of passage, choose a name for themselves and their family name last. A sample Stonearm Leeonis Dreesh.

As the Galei developed on a planet very mountainous and with high levels of gravity, they developed hooves to help them climb and immense strength to move large amounts of stone to better navigate the terrain. As time went on the Galei began to rapidly evolve; with the invention of paper they were able to start recording information of natural events, deaths and stories from the old times.