General Information
Constructed 400 AFE
Destroyed N/A
Builder Eternal Emperor Crovan III
Location Information
Planet Jagga
Continent N/A
State {{{State}}}
Climate Temperate
Points of Interest Crovan III Memorial Complex
Societal Information
Population 3.7 trillion
Affiliation The Eternal Empire


on a galactic scale

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Galquaz was a city built during Crovan III's reign as Eternal Emperor. It was completed in the year 400 AFE, the climax of Crovan's reign. As a result, Galquaz attracted many citizens because of the over 5,000 factories and manufacturing complexes in the city. The factories in Galquaz are used for two main reasons: production of military supplies and production of trading goods. The military supplies increase the strength of the Imperial military, while the trading goods help keep the Empire's economy going. Because of this, Galquaz is among the top 5 most important cities in the Eternal Empire, with Everstone and New Star City being among those on the list.