Gender: Male

Height: 4'6"


Geometron's original name was Frederick, although he would never answer to it after starting the Army of Geometron, so named for the geometric shapes he arranged his military units in. His magic was originally based on the Metromages, but he twisted it sufficiently to make it his own. Geometron was born during the Small Years and became a major figure in the War of Time's End, when he set himself up as a rival to Negatron and Chronos.

Military Units[]

  1. This is Geometron. Nobody else gets to be #1.
  2. Twin Ghost: Two people, usually not metromages, only one of which can exist at a time. They switch off rapidly during battle to dodge attacks and catch the enemy off guard. A variation of this is the Triplet Ghost set, which Geometron created but never got around to sending into combat.
  5. Metromages Pentagon: Five Metromages stand in a pentagon shape and generate a sixth person in the center of the pentagon. This sixth "person" is simply a magical construct with the power to shoot an Eraserbeam, which wipes objects from existence.